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Just as we were going to bed Saturday night, a group of Germans at the campsite decided to have a sing song. They were sat outside, in the dark, outside the reception area. They kept starting off as a gentle hum which wasn't too bad, until some woman chirped in thinking she was the German version of Edith Piaf! I used the earplugs we'd bought back in Brussels so I could get a good night's sleep.

Sunday morning we took some time to work out our route north through Germany over the next few days, and into Denmark. The plan is to get a ferry from northern Denmark into Norway, and we thought booking the ferry sooner rather than later might be a good plan to try and get the cheapest ticket. After some working out how long we think it will take to get there, we booked our ferry for 18th July for the cheapest ticket we could find at &eAuro;170.

Our little planning session meant we were a little later than normal leaving the campsite in Bremen. I think we finally hit the road just before midday. We also had a fairly long drive to take us to our next stop, Luneberg. We are tending to hurry through Germany quite a bit, but it doesn't matter as the intention is to see a lot more of it after we've been to Denmark, Norway and Sweden and we make our way south again.

On route to Luneberg we hit a huge traffic jam on the motorway. We suspect it was an accident up ahead but we couldn't really see much. Still, it was a good opportunity for Stu to pop in the back and make us some lunch! We decided to take the next slip road off the motorway, as sitting in traffic is no fun. It was amazing how cars were pulling onto the hard shoulder to use it as a lane to try and get ahead - not very sensible.

Perhaps the traffic jam was a blessing in disguise as, although slower, the drive through the quieter roads was much more enjoyable. It was a pleasant drive through countryside and small villages all the rest of the way to Luneberg. However it meant a fairly late arrival into Luneberg - around 4pm at the camp stop. I had hoped we would find some way of being able to watch the Wimbledon final, so we tried tuning in the TV. Whilst we got quite a lot of channels tuned in, it seemed the Germans were not quite as keen to watch Murray in the final as I was, as not a single channel appeared to be broadcasting it! Oh well. Instead we planned to take the bikes for a ride around the town.

Whilst Stu was just getting ready to leave, I thought I'd try testing wearing my sun hat while riding the bike - convinced it would probably come off with the slightest breeze. I rode it through the campsite and was proved right, but just as my hat blew off I became momentarily distracted, lost control of the bike and came off. Thankfully, I wasn't riding very fast at all, and my only injuries seemed to be a bruise on my knee and a broken nail - lucky me.

After dusting myself off from my slightly embarrassing fall, we ventured into Luneberg on the bikes. It was another beautiful day, and Luneberg was yet another very pretty town. Some fantastic old buildings, town square, town hall (becoming a familiar story now) and fairly quiet as it was just a Sunday afternoon with people sitting around the outside cafes and bars - very laid back.

We decided to stop for a drink at a restaurant near the river, and took a seat outside. Stu also spotted the pizzas being served so we opted to get dinner there too. Whilst we were sat there an old guy was slowly making his way up the street playing some sort of music box that he winds up. It was OK for the first couple of minutes, but became a little annoying after a while. Stu mentioned that it was the kind of music he will be hearing in his nightmares! Thankfully after trying to get people to give him some money, he soon moved along.

We headed back to our campsite after dinner. The campsite is just a few minutes cycle from Luneberg for %euro8; so not too bad. I think when we had been out on the bikes I must have put down my left foot and over stretched it, as by the time I sat down in the motorhome my foot really began to hurt and swell up. It couldn't have been anything too serious as a bit of deep heat and some ibuprofen sorted me right out!

Stu had downloaded 'The History of Comedy' from Radio 2. It was very entertaining and we have been listening to it through the radio the last couple of evenings. Lots of referenced to WWII and Hitler though - hope our German neighbours in the campsite aren't too offended. Don't mention the war - I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it...

Today (Monday) is another scorcher of a day, and not a cloud in the sky. We headed to Lubeck today, which was another driving mission of about 70 miles. Once again we saw some bad traffic up ahead on the motorway, but luckily just managed to get off at the exit before getting stuck in it. However, the next route to Lubeck was a bit worrying as every time we saw the sign to Lubeck it had a big red cross through it! I think it dawned on us that a bridge over the river must be out ahead, so we had to find another route.

We decided to drive straight to the camp stop, as it was located just a couple of miles or so out of Lubeck so we could cycle in. The camp stop was described in our book as 'luxurious'. Not entirely sure why, as it isn't my definition of luxury. However, it does have showers, toilets and electricity included for €9, and wifi for just an extra €1.50 so at least price wise it's OK.

The ride into Lubeck was great. It was a nice city - certainly a lot bigger and busier than Luneberg. The cathedral was particularly interesting with its double spires with one of them a bit on the wonk. We stopped for the obligatory drink at a cafe - although this time non-alcoholic for a change. Then we continued with a lovely bike ride along the river and through a nice park. There were plenty of people taking advantage of the nice weather sitting on the grass by the river - they even had a little beach too. It looked lovely.

Back at the campsite I knocked up some dinner and we ate al fresco to enjoy the lovely evening. Very pleasant.

I seem to be collecting brusies at the moment. I already had a bruise on my arm for banging it on a door handle in the motorhome - getting used to the confined space. Then I got a bruise on my shin bashing it on the bike penddle a few days ago. Add to that my two new little bruises from falling off the bike, I'm looking like a battered wife! Lets see what bruises tomorrow brings!