Manly Wharf

Sarah and I are still adjusting to the time zone (10 hours ahead of the UK), so we aren't really up to a lot at the moment.  Sarah is suffering with a cold, probably due to the air conditioning on the plane. I have a nagging feeling that I might be catching it off of her aswell. All part of the adjustment process I guess.

Phoned up a few property agencies and found out some visiting times for Saturday. We need to find somewhere reasonably quickly as our Travelodge runs out next Wednesday.

It's been raining quite heavily today. A local news programme has reported that it's been the wettest summer for 45 years! It's still warm though, and a lot of the locals are still wearing shorts and t-shirts. The forecast for tomorrow is looking a lot better so we'll probably head back into Manly for another look around.

In the meantime enjoy a panoramic picture of Manly Wharf that I took yesterday: