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A Much Needed Lazy Day

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A Much Needed Lazy Day

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I woke up around 8:30pm, but I let Stu have a bit of a lay-in as I know he has been feeling incredibly tired lately, while having to deal with work as well as try and have a holiday. We had planned for today to be a lazy day, so there was nothing special planned.

The hotel has a laundry room which I decided to make use of, as I don't know when we will be able to do our next lot of washing after we leave here and we had quite a lot to do. I spent a total of $10 on washing and drying three loads of washing, which didn't seem too bad. The only annoying thing was that the laundry room was located on our floor, but right at the other end of the hotel. I must have walked up and down about ten times to check and empty the washing each time.

When I initially went down to get change for the washing machines, I was in a queue behind two other people at reception. There was another woman behind the desk who had the 'window closed' sign up. This was really irritating as the queue began to built but she didn't seem bothered by this at all. I must have waited about ten minutes just to get my change.

After sorting all the washing we managed to catch Stu's brother (Russ) on Skype, so we chatted to him for a little while which was nice. It made a change to not feel like we were in a rush to get out somewhere.

We popped out of the hotel for a bit of a late lunch around 2:30pm, and found the Kona Inn Restaurant just down the road. The menu looked good so we decided to get a table. Once again we were seated facing the sea which was lovely.

I opted for the BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich which was delicious. It was difficult to keep the pork actually in the sandwich most of the time as there was so much of it, but it was great. Stu opted for the special of the day, Spearfish Sandwich - which the waitress advised us was like Marlin. Stu really enjoyed his too.

We were tempted by the Mudpie for dessert - seeing as it was the only dessert they actually had. What came along was a huge wedge of kona coffee ice cream, with a cookie crutch base and chocolate sauce on top, covered in whipped cream. It was huge, but really nice.

After lunch we headed back to the hotel. We took the rest of day just relaxing. Stu did a bit of work and also worked on updating the blog. I started to look at what we could do in and around Kailua Kona for the next couple of days, and also wrote the blog for today too.