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The End Of Our Hawaii Adventure

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This is just a brief blog entry covering today and yesterday as there isn't too much to report.

Yesterday we decided on a bit of a lazy day. The day was fairly cloudy anyway, and we were both feeling tired - Stu especially, as he was up early for a conference call for work.

We decided to have another look at our budget for the trip, and also discuss a few issues about when we arrive in the US etc. So nothing thrilling for the blog I'm afraid.

We headed out in the evening to the same place we went to a few nights back, Splashers Grill. It was heaving with people when we got there, and they told us it would be about 20 minutes to wait for a table. We were happy to wait, and finally got seated after finishing a round of drinks. It was only when we were sitting down that I realised why is was so busy - today was Valentine's Day! I only realised when I saw the Valentine's Day menu on the table.

We had a nice meal here, then headed home. On the walk back I got hit with some bird poo, which has never happended before. It is supposed to be good luck, although not the best of luck for my trousers!

Today was another not particularly exciting day. We had to pack up and leave our hotel at about 11:30am as we were driving over to Hilo to catch a flight back to Honolulu later this afternoon. The distance to Hilo is only around 100 miles but as we know well, you have to leave in good time as you never know how slow the traffic is going to be. Thankfully, it was fairly swift today and we made it to Hilo in good time.

We went straight to the airport and dropped off our rental car, then headed inside the terminal to catch our flight.

The flight went smoothly and we were soon in Honolulu airport once again. We had booked a hotel really close to the airport as we are leaving to fly to San Francisco tomorrow, so it makes things easier. Our hotel here has a free shuttle to and from the airport, so they came to pick us up.

One of the other reasons for picking this hotel (other than its close proximity to the airport) was the 'high speed internet' it advertised. It was a bit of a disappointment when we got to the room and found ourselves having to wait around 10 seconds each time we clicked a link. It's all going in my online review...

We took dinner in the restaurant within the hotel. It was fairly lame, and felt like we were in some late night service station somewhere - it felt like the atmosphere had been completely sucked out of it. But it was the quickest and easiest way to grab some food this evening.

I have booked us a hotel for a few nights in San Francisco from tomorrow. We're not sure how long we will need a hotel for, so we shall play it by ear once we're there. Our first priority when we get there is to start looking for a motorhome to either buy or rent - depending which works out the best for us.

Our flight is at 13:45 tomorrow, and we arrive 20:45 San Francisco time. Looking forward to the next part of our trip, and cannot wait to get a motorhome sorted.