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New York, New York

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New York, New York

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Not the most exciting day today. We had to be up early this morning to pack our luggage up ready for our flight. We needed to be at the airport at 11am as our flight was at 1pm. Although, in fact we didn't have to be there until 12pm because it was only a local flight. Chaz only remembered this after we had got up early and had our bags packed. However, I was quite pleased by this as at least it meant we were ready in good time and there was no last minute dash to pack.

Chaz very kindly offered us a lift to the airport, where we said thanks and farewell to him and Ellen. Staying with them has been fantastic, and they have been extremely generous. I hope we get to return the favour sometime.

We checked in fine. Although, as I was passing up my bag to be checked in I was asked the ridiculous question of "What's in it?" I couldn't really think of how to reply to this question with anything other than "My luggage and stuff". How are you supposed to answer a question like that? I guess it must have been the right answer though as he just processed our luggage and sent us on our way.

The flight went off on time. It was a bit bumpy with turbulence along the way - a couple of worrying moments there feeling the plane wobbling around. There was no in-flight film as the flight was under two hours long, but I watched a bit of tv to pass the time.

We arrived in New York, La Guardia airport fifteen minutes early, got straight into a cab and straight to The New Yorker Hotel in Manhattan, our home for the next week. The hotel seems nice enough, although the rooms are quite small - but perhaps a common thing for the massive New York hotels?

We decided not to venture out too far for dinner as it was tipping down with rain this evening. We spotted a TGI Fridays just across the road which we thought would do for tonight. We had an average meal for what seemed to be quite expensive - again, perhaps another 'New York' effect. One amusing aspect was Stu's meal. In the description on the menu it stated that it comes with a 'staff performed conga line'. When the waitress took Stu's order he asked for his food to come 'without the conga line'. The waitress was completely straight faced and said that would be fine. When our bill came at the end of the night, after Stu's food order it detailed '1x No', which we assume was his declining the conga line. Bizarre.

We headed back to the hotel after dinner, went online, watched some TV then went to bed.