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New Camera and Blog

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As I write this first entry in our new travel blog Sarah is picking up our accommodation from the depot. Unfortunately I've not been able to go with her as I am waiting for the freight company to pick up the suitcases we are sending home by sea-mail. For the next 4 months we are going to be living out of 2 holdal bags in a motor home! Gypsy-tastic.

I've bought a digital SLR camera to document our adventure. It's a Canon 50d with a 24-70 USM f2.8L and 70-200 IS USM f2.8L lenses, carry bag, memory sticks and what-not. For the non-nerds out there this translates to 'brilliant images'. The prints should be good up to A3 size with excellent quality. So all those people in the UK be warned - a mammoth photo-sharing session lies ahead!

To mark the improvement in imagery I've upgraded the gallery feature. Below this post you'll find the day's images with the option to start a slideshow. We are aiming to update this site every day so be sure to check out the previous days photos. I've streamlined the whole blogging process so it should now be really easy to do the updates. Don't forget that you can subscribe via RSS using the 'Subscribe' link to the left hand side.

You'll also be able to keep track of where we are in Australia / New Zealand, distances travelled, places visited, weather etc... I've had to remove the comment section (it was under-used). If you want to get in contact just drop us an e-mail at the usual address.

We are both very excited about the journey ahead. One thing is for sure, other than a fairly loose itinerary I have no idea what lies ahead. How exciting!

You'll find some pictures from the new camera below.

Bye for now x.