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Day Of Rest

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Today might not make for an exciting blog entry as we decided to take it easy. We decided to head up to Bundaberg first thing, stock up on a few supplies, then take a well earned rest. We haven't really had a proper rest since Sydney. We've always been travelling, sight seeing, or some another activity.

When we arrived in Bundaberg we parked in town to go to the shops and stock up on food and other bits. We then took a drive to a nearby park and made lunch in our van and ate on one of the nearby picnic benches. Today was another warm one - 32 degrees!

We found a campsite with a pool and on arrival changed into our swimming gear and took a dip. It was some welcome relief from the hot day, cooling us down nicely. After that we decided to take an afternoon nap. The sun was still burning hot, but with the van doors closed and the air con on it created perfect conditions for forty winks.

Waking up a few hours later, we both felt a lot better, and ready to tackle another day. I think we both needed to recharge our batteries.

Stu cooked up a tasty Mexican at the kitchen area of the campsite. The kitchen area here was clean and well furnished and it meant we had space to eat our meal out in the warm evening air.