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Beautiful Wildlife

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Today we decided to use our Island Hopper pass from yesterday and head over to South Molle Island.

We caught the 11:30 connecting ferry from Abel Point marina and relaxed for 40 minutes as we were taken to our destination.

On arrival we were greeted by a friendly member of island staff and were shown where the facilities were.

Since it was approaching lunchtime we decided to stop in the local coffee shop for some sandwiches. I have to say that the service was terrible. When we approached the counter we were abruptly told to wait until she was ready to take our order! After watching her fiddle around with plastic cups and plates for 5 minutes she then announced that she was ready and took our order. I have to also remark that the food was substandard as well. Tip: Don't order food at South Molle Island.

Following a short lunch we took a rainforest walk up to Balancing Rock. This is an amazing free standing rock that teeters on the top of a small mount. There were some strange berry trees near the summit that were attracting a lot of attention from the wildlife, and I managed to get some nice photos.

After the walk we took a dip in the pool. The pool wasn't heated, but the sunshine and warm weather had raised the temperature to that of bath water! It was quite a pleasant swim.

At 4:50PM we took our return ferry home and remarked on how nice it had been to escape the travelling for one day and to relax on an island!