Port Macquarie, Hat Head NP

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Wouldn't Change It For The World

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The shower was an interesting experience this morning. You press a button outside the door to start the water pump. At some point the water stops for a second, and then restarts. I took this to mean the mid-shower warning. It wasn't! It meant your time was almost up and you'd better get rinsing. Luckily I'd just finished, more by luck than judgement. No long relaxing showers in this campsite!

We had run out of provisions yesterday, so it was a wander into Forster town centre to stock up and grab some breakfast. The first stop was at a pancake cafe. I opted for the homemade pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. A bit of a gut-buster but absolutely delicious nonetheless. We bought more groceries, and then hit the road once more.

First stop was Port Macquarie. There was a pleasant little beach and views out to sea. The water break was decorated with bright and colourful murals painted on the rocks by passers-by, travellers and locals. It was nice walking along the waterfront and reading the hand painted messages. Port Macquarie was a pleasant enough place, it just didn't seem to be as interesting as other coastal areas we'd visited, so we made a quick lunch then headed off.

Next stop was Hat Head National Park. It seemed we arrived at just the right moment. Storm clouds had been looming overhead for a little while. As soon as we parked up, it poured with rain. It was a terrific storm with some extremely loud thunder claps.

We managed to find a break in the rain and wander down to the creek for Stu to take some photos. It's really peaceful around here. There are many different species of birds swooping down between the trees. We saw a couple of different parrots, galahs, swifts as well as others. Hat Head seems to be a lovely place and I hope we get to explore it more before we leave for the next destination.