Mount Isa

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Sunset Over Mount Isa

Our Route (to 29/12/2008)

Sunset Over Mount Isa

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We set off a little earlier this morning as we knew we had a way to travel to Mount Isa. The first 200km or so were not that interesting. The landscape was much the same - very flat and hot, with a few trees. Quite a lot of road kills out here too!

We stopped very briefly at Cloncurry to refuel and from then on the drive became a little more interesting. The landscape completely changed from flat to mountainous. Some of the hills and mountains were amazing, and it made for a much more pleasurable drive as the road winded up and down over the hills.

When we arrived at Mount Isa, we took a drive around to see what was on offer in this remote mining town. The town is a fair size, and the mining area ia huge. We took a drive up to a lookout which offered a fantastic view over the whole town, and out to the mining area.

We found a campsite, and the driving soon began to take it's toll - I needed a little nap to recharge the batteries. That seemed to do me the world of good, so we decided to check out the pool before it was dark. It was a good size pool, and felt great to cool off.

Once the sun began to set we decided to take another drive up to the lookout so Stu could capture some pictures of the sunset and the evening light. It was nice up there in the early evening, and once the intense heat of the sun is gone, the evening becomes pleasantly warm.

Stu: I've bought a piece of software called Photomatix which will allow me to capture High Dynamic Range (HDR) images. Baiscally I can take three exposures of the same subject (normal, over and under by 2 stops) and then merge them together to acheive a huge improvement in the tonal range of images. The sunset pictures of Mount Isa were captured in this way.