Tennant Creek, Devils Marbles, Wycliffe Well, Aileron, Alice Springs

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A Town Called Alice

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A Town Called Alice

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Today was another mission, with Alice Springs being the destination. Before leaving Tennant Creek, we drove up to the lookout which offered 360 views of the area. Then we hit the road. The first stop-off was at the Devils Marbles. These are haphazard piles of granite boulders which are seemingly piled randomly on top of each other. Apparently they were once a huge single granite block which has eroded and weathered into rounded shapes over millions of years. We have been recommended to see the Devils Marbles as sunrise/sunset, as the light effect is supposed to be amazing, so we might stop here again on the way back up. They are an impressive and intimidating site even in the normal daylight, the only irritating thing was the number of flies - they almost became unbearable.

A little further south from the Devils Marbles is Wycliffe Well. The only thing we could really see was a roadhouse and campsite, but it was worth the stop to take a few pictures. This is apparently a hotspot for UFO sightings. They celebrate this with displays of little green men and spaceships. Quite bizarre!

It was then a fairly long an uneventful drive from here on. The terrain staying much the same most of the way along. Now and again you go through 'prescribed areas' where there is a complete ban on having any alcohol. They have a big problem with the alcohol and the aboriginal communities, so are obviously making attempts to restrict them getting hold of it.

We made another brief stop shortly before getting to Alice Springs at Aileron. This was another very small town, the main reason for stopping being the huge aboriginal tribal statues displayed there by the roadhouse - quite impressive.

Finally, we made it to Alice Springs. We decided to make our way straight to the campsite, as it had been another long drive and we wanted to get ourselves settled. As it is New Years Eve, we have a bottle of Champagne chilling in the fridge ready for the strike of midnight. A lady knocked on our van earlier to invite us over to the campsite kitchen for a party they're having.