Coral Bay, Carnarvon

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Another Beautiful Bay

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Another Beautiful Bay

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Today we drove down to Coral Bay, a small resort on the southern end of Ningaloo Reef. There was more opportunity to explore the reef, although we chose to stay out of the water today and just take a walk around to take some nice photographs. As inviting as the water looked with it's picturesque white sand and bright blue water, it was extremely hot outside, and we were glad we'd experienced snorkelling the Ningaloo Reef at Turquoise Bay in the national park.

We then drove down to Carnarvon, not because there is anything particular we wanted to see here, but it seemed the next reasonably sized town to stay at. 'A good place to get to other places from' - pretty much exactly what the tourist information said as well! We did notice a significant amount of road kill as we drove along this stretch of the North West Coastal Highway. You tend to see the odd kangaroo or lizard (or what's left of it) in or along side the road every now and again. Quite grim, but you tend to get accustomed to it after a while. Thankfully, there is also plenty of wildlife still very much alive - we saw some cattle, kangaroos, lizards, sheep and even goats along our drive, as well as the usual birds feasting on the road kill - including the wedge-tailed eagles.

We arrived at the campsite in good time, which allowed us some well earned relaxation time of not doing very much for a change.