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A Retrospective (Day Off!)

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Sarah and I decided this morning to have a day off; no travelling, pictures or blog. To be honest I think we've managed very well to keep up with the writing and photographs every day straight for some 50+ days! Even more so around the Northern Territory and north-west Western Australia where you can't even find a public phone, let alone a decent internet connection!

I've put together a retrospective collection of pictures for you to enjoy. These are shots that I am really proud of, especially considering I had zero experience with DSLR photography at the start of our adventure.

When I first bought the camera I was a little 'shutter happy', and would take the same picture several times with different settings to see what the differences would be. I am reasonably comfortable with what ISO, aperture, depth-of-field, shutter speed, light metering and various other nerdy acronyms and phrases mean now! I have noticed that I am taking fewer shots per day, but making sure that each shot is right before I move on. That said, I still have over 10,000 images on my external drive! This blog only represents a small fraction of the photos I've taken; it doesn't have any panoramas, portrait or high-dynamic range images. This is mainly due to time constraints and the fact I only have a 13inch screen to work on.

We are thinking of putting together a large format book when we return from our adventure. Consider it a permanent back-up of the blog and the best pictures. I've worked out that with 1,000 images in the book, at 15 minutes editing time per image should keep me busy full-time for a month. Don't hold your breath for that materialising till 2010!