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Valley Of The Giants

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Valley Of The Giants

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What a change a few hundred kilometres south has made! When driving down from the northern section of Western Australia we had the air con on, usually all night. Last night we woke up and felt chilly, even turning on the heater for a few minutes. This is the first time we've used it! However, the pleasant thing about the southern end of Western Australia, compared with the north, is that during the day you do get a nice cool breeze even when the temperature is still in the 30's.

We drove towards Walpole first thing, through some lovely forested areas surrounded by huge trees. Unfortunately I hit a bird along the way - there was no way I could have avoided it as it flew straight in front of the van :(

At Walpole we grabbed some lunch before making our way to the Walpole-Nornalup National Park. This is the location of the Valley Of The Giants tree-top walk, where you can enjoy the massive karri and red tingle trees high up. They have built a pretty cool structure which gives an alternative perspective to viewing these huge trees. It does wobble quite a bit, which gives you the sensation that you've had one too many lagers. Even more unnerving is the sign which tells you that one person was killed in the construction of the treetop walkway! The red tingle trees are amazing; the trunk can reach a circumference of 14 metres and is often hollowed from attacks by insects, fire and fungi.

We drove further along the south coast towards William Bay National Park. This has a beautiful beach and some fantastic rock formations. The most popular being the Elephant Rocks, which from a certain angle actually do look like elephants in the water.

We decided to press on as we still had plenty of time left of the afternoon, and ended up in the beautiful coastal town of Albany. We haven't had a huge amount of time to explore this town properly yet, we shall do more tomorrow. But we had a chance to drive through the town, and pick up some fish and chips for dinner.