Norseman, Cocklebiddy

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Putting The Null In Nullarbor

Our Route (to 27/01/2009)

Putting The Null In Nullarbor

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We awoke to a cool, but wet day today. It wasn't a huge issue though as we knew that the next few days were not going to be great sight-seeing opportunities. We are crossing the Nullarbor Plain, probably the most uneventful area of Australia.

The rain continued until our brief stop in Norseman. A fairly small town, still gold mining here since the 1800's. Thankfully the rain wasn't coming down too hard, so it didn't hinder our progress.

Around mid-afternoon the rain stopped, and we found ourselves driving along the straightest road in Australia, 90 miles gun-barrel straight. It wasn't the most thrilling drive and you find yourself looking forward to a bend in the road!

It was a long day driving, but worth it to cover the distance we needed to. We stopped at a roadside caravan park for the night in Cocklebiddy. Not the fanciest place in the world, but we've seen a lot worse!