Nullarbor NP, Nundroo

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Welcome To South Australia

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Welcome To South Australia

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The day started off fairly cool, and pretty cloudy - although the sun shone through from time to time. We drove a long way again today. Our first brief stop being at Madura Pass lookout which gave us a great view of the plains.

Around an hour after leaving Cocklebiddy we found ourselves crossing the state border into South Australia. This unfortunately meant losing 1.5 hours due to the time zone difference. However, after crossing the border we were now driving through the Nullarbor National Park for the next 200km or so. This section of road drives very close to the sea in places, and there are a few lookouts where you can walk right to the cliff edge. These have some great views over the cliffs and out to sea, really worth taking the time to park up and take a closer look. Just as we were heading back to the van from one of these lookout points, it began to pour with rain. It was a mad dash back to the van, especially for Stu in his flip-flops desperately protecting the camera from the wet under his t-shirt!

Alas, this was the end of the sight-seeing for today, and the rest was spent driving with nothing special to see. And what started as a relatively cool day had now increased in temperature, despite the cloud. It's amazing how the weather can change.

We decided to stop at a town called Yalata which had a roadside caravan park. It seemed just the right time to stop after all the driving. However, as we pulled up to the caravan park there was a sign with 'closed' scrawled on it. Damn! this meant another 50km drive further along the road to the next caravan park. It wasn't the end of the world, but annoying when you convince yourself you only have a few kilometres left to drive, then it turns out you need to continue on for another half an hour. So we ended up in Nundroo in the end. Another fairly basic site, but it'll do for us.