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The Morning After The Night Before

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The Morning After The Night Before

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Today we all needed a lay-in after the late night yesterday. Stu was feeling really tired and decided he didn't want to venture out today yet, so he stayed in the hotel room sorting through his pictures for the blog.

I knocked on Jo's door around midday. She was feeling very hungover from last night and said she needed some greasy food. We knew there was a cafe nearby so that's where we got lunch.

We spotted Tegan and Tyson in there too with the same idea. I think they were feeling very hungover too - I am so glad that I didn't drink too much as I felt fine.

After some food, Jo and I took a walk down to the harbour. The weather here is so nice, and makes a nice change from the coldness we have had for most of china. It makes a nice change to not have to wear my fleece everywhere!

We took a walk along the harbour and then found somewhere outside with comfy seats where we could sit and get a cold drink. It was nice to sit down and relax here, watching the world go by. Jo even had a bit of a snooze while we were there.

Coming back from the harbour we walked a different way. I think we must have timed it to coincide with all the kids leaving school, so the pathways were packed with people. It is so busy here - I think Ricky told us it is the most densely populated area in the world, and you can believe it!

Back at the hotel, Stu had caught up on some sleep and managed to finish off some of the blog pictures. We had a few hours before we were meeting the others, so just took things easy.

We headed down to the lobby to meet everyone early in the evening. Jo was there, and Tegan and Tyson eventually turned up. They were a bit late as they had checked out of their hotel this morning and checked into a hostel somewhere else. I think they got a little lost coming back. We weren't sure if Louise, Greg and Nick were going to show up as they had told us they were probably meeting up with someone they know in Hong Kong. They didn't turn up so we knew they must still be out with them.

So the five of us took a walk to find a restaurant for this evening. Everyone was feeling pretty tired so it wasn't going to be a late night, we just wanted to get dinner.

Tyson suggested a place that had different restaurants on each floor. We took a look at the English menu and it seemed ok, so we went in.

They had some 'interesting' looking dishes on the menu. They had 'sea blubber', 'sparrow's nest with chicken', 'meat and bowel soup'. It all sounded very tempting, but we opted for the safer dishes of sweet and sour pork, crab and mushrooms, fried noodles with chicken and beef with walnuts. It was ok, but again not our best meal. On the whole it was fairly nice and filling.

After the meal we all went straight back to the hotel. Tegan and Tyson had to pick up their luggage to take to their new hotel, so we wished everyone a good night and headed up to our room.

Before going to bed we had to book a new hotel for the next couple of nights, as this would be our last night here and they were fully booked after that. We found one that is just one subway stop away from here and slightly closer to the harbour, so that should be fine.

Tomorrow Jo will be leaving to fly to Thailand, but we will be meeting up with everyone else to return to Victoria Peak again. Hopefully the trams will be working this time!