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We both had a bit of a lay in this morning. But once we were up we had to get packing as we were checking out of our condo today, and moving to another hotel. I had already packed most of my stuff last night, but still has some last minute things to do.

Stu had to chat with Valere this morning about some business stuff. I managed to catch Mark (my brother) on Skype this morning too. It was a good chance for a brief catch up and to see my little niece Isabel on the webcam.

We had to be out of the condo at 12pm latest, and just made it with a couple of minutes to spare. We loaded up the car with all our stuff, and took a drive to the hotel we would be staying at for our next couple of nights on Oahu Island. Thankfully, it was literally two blocks from the condo, so it was nice and easy to get to. They also have a free car park too, which is really handy (and one of the main reasons I booked the place). Unfortunately, check-in wasn't until 1:30pm, as we suspected, so we had an hour or so to kill.

With the car at our disposal we decided to take a drive along the coast to grab a bite to eat for lunch. We drove along Diamond Head Road, which goes around the outside of the Diamond Head Crater. This was a nice drive in itself, and a little further along we found some shops. Stu popped out and got us a sandwich and we drove back along the coast, finding a nice spot to park up and eat our lunch.

The spot we found had a few windsurfers and kite surfers out on the water, which was cool to watch while we ate.

We had successfully managed to the pass the time quite pleasantly, and took a short drive back to our hotel, and by this time were able to check into our room.

Our room is fairly big, around the same sort of size as our condo. Like the condo, we have a kitchen in our room (another reason for booking this place). The only big differences are that we don't have a washing machine and dryer (but we shouldn't have to do any more washing anyway) and we have lost our lovely view. We are on the 10th floor of the hotel so just have a view of other hotels really. However we still have a balcony where we can sit outside, and it's only for a couple of nights anyway.

The weather today was quite overcast. We had considered going to Hanauma Bay today to do some snorkelling, but Stu needed to spend some time doing work today. The weather was really cloudy anyway so we decided to stay in for the remainder of the afternoon. While Stu did some work, I started to look at things to do on Hawaii Island, where we fly to on Tuesday.

As a break from his work later this afternoon Stu nipped out to the supermarket to get some provisions. Whilst he managed to get some bits for dinner and breakfast tomorrow, he also managed to pick up 12 cans of beer. I did remind Stu that we were only on Oahu for two more nights, but it seems he couldn't resist the '12 cans for $12' deal!

We managed to catch the World Championship Poker Final on the tv this afternoon, which was actually more interesting than it sounds.

We had heard a lot of cheering going on outside this afternoon and assumed there must have been some sort of game showing. I later found out it was actually the Super Bowl - quite a big thing in the US apparently!

It started to rain quite heavily this evening, so it was a good job we had already got something in for dinner.

Tomorrow the weather is forecast to be the same as today, but we are planning on going to Pearl Harbor so I don't think the weather will be too much of an issue (I hope). Perhaps we will venture to Hanauma Bay afterwards, if the weather is ok and we have enough time.