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A Weird Place To Take The Kids

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A Weird Place To Take The Kids

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It was nice waking this morning and not being in any hurry to do anything. We decided to be ultra lazy and order breakfast to our room. It certainly wasn't the cheapest option but it was was the easiest and quickest.

We took a look at the room service menu and both opted for the 'American Breakfast', with Stu ordering a couple of pastries on the side. This sounded simple enough so I phoned through the order, not expecting there to be quite so many choices. How would you like your eggs? Do you want your bacon regular, or extra crispy? What kind of tea would you like? Do you want milk, lemon or honey with your tea? Do you want full fat, 2% or fat free milk? What kind of toast would you like? What kind of juice would you like? What complimentary newspaper would you like? Then after all the choices have been picked, she repeats them all back to you. I suppose it's good that they are thorough!

Despite the cost, when breakfast arrived it looked great. It was nice to see you got plenty of juice, lots of toast, a nice selection of jams and enough tea and coffee to make several cups. It was a very nice breakfast and worth the little expense - it's not often we get breakfast to our room in hotels.

After breakfast, and Stu had made a couple of skype calls, he decided to take a bath. He wasn't feeling too good and had a bit of a headache so wanted to take it easy for an hour or so. Meanwhile, I managed to catch a couple of episodes of The Sopranos on the TV so wasn't too bored.

We ventured out this afternoon for our first proper taste of Las Vegas. We took a walk all the way along the Las Vegas strip up to The Luxor hotel. This hotel is in the shape of a giant black pyramid, complete with Sphinx outside.

A little further down we passed New York New York - a giant hotel made to look New York buildings, complete with Empire State and Statue of Liberty. Just across the road is the Eiffel Tower restaurant - of course, with a giant Effel Tower and Arc De Triumph too. To say Las Vegas is over the top might be an understatement.

Whilst it was impressive to see all these ridiculously huge and extravagant hotels, I'm not sure if I like it. Even to get out of our hotel is a mission. You might think that you enter the hotel lobby, find the elevator and get straight up to your room. Wrong! You enter the lobby and walk through what is essentially a shopping mall, and then after several minutes you find the guest elevators to take you to your room. Before we ventured out for our walk this afternoon Stu had to retrieve his camera strap and some other bits from the motorhome first and drop some of them back to our room. All in all this probably took around 25 minutes. We had to go downstairs, walk through the shopping mall to the lobby, exit the hotel, get a valet to take us to where our motorhome was parked, retrieve the items, get back in the car with the valet, get into the hotel lobby, walk through the shopping mall, take the elevator to our room, leave our items there, then go through the hotel exit procedure again. I am not sure I like staying in such huge hotels. The number of people around is just crazy.

We were feeling a bit hungry and grabbed lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. This was actually quite good food, although we were constantly told by our waiter about how much money we could save if we wanted to buy three Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts! We just want food, thanks!

We continued our walk along the strip, ending up at Caesars Palace, then returning to our hotel again. Whilst it was an interesting walk it makes you see Las Vegas for what it really is - very grand on the surface, but still pretty grotty underneath. Fancy hotels aside, every few metres on the pavement there is a guy trying to hand out cards, leaflets and vouchers for strip shows. The floor ends up littered with these cards. You also have stands where you can pick up free leaflets advertising strip shows etc. Plus, you get the vehicles driving down the road with a huge billboard advertising these shows too. I can't really understand why people would want to bring their kids to Las vegas, surely there are hundreds of other places which hold much more family appeal. You also have the touts trying to get you into their bars and restaurants. People randomly asking where we are from, are we married etc. in order to start a conversation and get us into their bars. It all becomes quite irritating.

It also takes so long to walk anywhere. A lot of the time you can't just cross the road normally, but have to walk over a bridge to get to the other side of the road. Plus, there are so many people on the pavement that you feel like you are on a slow moving conveyer belt. I don't especially like crowds of people, so this becomes irritating too.

You get lots of people dressed up in the street - we spotted several Elvis impersonators, Batman, Superman and Spiderman (who had let himself go a bit!)

It was actually a relief to get back to our hotel room. It seems to be the only place where you can feel relaxed here and get some peace. We didn't do much else for the rest of the evening. Stu was still recovering from his headache so we just stayed in the room.