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Steak, Wine And Cheese

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Steak, Wine And Cheese

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Despite waking initially to another dull looking morning, as time went on we could see the clouds clearing and the sun breaking through. This was looking to be a promising day. I decided to have the leftover steak and potato for my breakfast, which despite being a few hours old was still delicious.

We had intended to leave our motorhome at the campsite for the afternoon while we went off wine tasting with Adrian, but wanted to collect it and drive to Santa Barbara later. I spoke with one of the women at the campsite office to see if we could do this without being charged extra. She seemed a little hesitant at first and said that normally people have to check out by 2pm at the latest. However, when I explained what our plans were and when she realised that the non-hookup sites were not busy at all (we were the only ones there) she kindly gave us a pass to leave it there, and we didn't have to pay any extra.

After getting showered and changed we met up with Adrian who took us out in his car. We drove to a couple of wineries in the region, ones that Adrian had been to before and expected to be good quality. We briefly stopped at a store on the way to stock up on some food for lunch.

Both wineries we stopped at were very nice. The first was Beckmen Vinyards, which was very nice. The girl serving is was a bit stretched unfortunately, as there were quite a few people in there at one time. But she got around to us in the end. The wines were nice, I liked a couple of them but we decided against buying any here. However, the next vineyard we stopped at (Foxen) was even nicer. The wines and service were great, and you didn't feel under any pressure to buy their wine after tasting. I suppose as you pay to taste anyway, it doesn't really matter.

We stopped at Foxen and had a picnic lunch which consisted of some lovely bread, cheese and meats we had bought earlier. It was lovely to sit outside the vineyard in the sun and enjoy our lunch.

After a bit more of a drive around the area we headed back to the campsite. Adrian had to drive back to LA as he has work tomorrow, so he dropped us at the campsite and headed off. We decided to drive further south to Santa Barbara this afternoon to find a campsite there for the night.

It was an easy drive down to Santa Barbara, identifiable by the Mediterranean style buildings around here. We wasted no time in finding a campsite so we could settle, as it was late afternoon and we were both feeling tired from the last couple of wine filled days.

We managed to watched the rest of Shutter Island, which was ok, and then I caught up with some blog writing while Stu did a bit of work. I also managed to book our flight to Chicago for a few weeks time. After we drop our motorhome back in San Francisco we will be flying to Chicago and then probably hiring a car to drive over to New York. The rest of our plans are still to be finalised for that stage of our trip.

Tomorrow we will make our way down to LA where we will stay with Adrian for a day or two, and he has very kindly offered to show us some of the sights.