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A Night At The Theatre

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A Night At The Theatre

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We had decided on another fairly lazy day today. The only things we wanted to achieve today were booking our flight and hotel for New York and our forwarding flight onto Vancouver. We also wanted to get some washing done too. I started off a load of washing, while Stu booked our flights and hotel.

This afternoon as the weather was really sunny and warm today, we all decided to go out and play mini golf. We just about all squeezed into Chaz's sports car, and he drove us first to Chipotles for lunch. This place did superb burritos, and Chaz said we had to experience it before we left. We are very glad we did, very tasty.

After lunch we ventured to the mini golf course. It was a fun game. We all played a pretty good game, with Stu coming out as the final winner by two points.

This evening Ellen was performing in a play at a local theatre. It was essentially a handful of short plays running one after the other. Ellen had written one of the plays herself, and was performing in two of the other plays. It was really enjoyable, the plays were great and we were very impressed watching Ellen on the stage.

After the plays we took a drive to the Outback Steakhouse for dinner - which Pam very kindly treated us to. It was a great finish to an enjoyable evening.