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How To Spend A Rainy Day In Vancouver

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How To Spend A Rainy Day In Vancouver

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This morning, after as bit of a restless night for both of us, we headed to the breakfast room of the hotel for our complimentary breakfast. I've had a lot better, but I've also paid more and had worse. There was eggs and bacon, fresh waffles, toast and some dubious looking cereals to choose from - all with plastic cutlery and polystyrene plates - it could have been worse I suppose. It did seem very wasteful using polystrene of all material though. Also, the breakfast room was quite small, meaning you got in each others way trying to get your food.

We were both still feeling tired after breakfast and so had a bit of a rest in the hotel room while we figured out what to do today. We also booked ourselves another night at the same hotel for tonight. This place is nothing fancy, but it's cheap, clean, comfortable, has a breakfast included and is located in an ok area of Vancouver to get around easily enough with the car.

After a bit of discussion of what to do today we decided to take a drive to Kitsilano, one of the nicer areas to live in Vancouver apparently, and then go to the Museum of Anthropology. We took a bit of a drive round in Kitsilano and headed to one of the beaches, where there was a nice view. It certainly seemed like a nice area, however the rain didn't make it much of a beach day so we decided to just drive onto the Museum of Anthropology.

Unsure what to expect from the Museum of Anthropology we were really impressed. When we first arrived we grabbed some lunch, and then we took a walk through the displays (after having to put my rucksack in a locker - another crazy 'no rucksacks' rule!)

We had missed most the last guided tour of the day, but picked it up at its last exhibit where we got a bit of info about 'The Raven and the First Men' wood carving by Bill Reid. This is an amazing carving, which also features on the Canadian $20 note.

This was the last part of the tour (we had missed most of it) so headed back to the start of the exhibits near the entrance to make our own way through the museum. There were some amazing totem poles and other wood carvings from Haida and other First Nations villages along British Columbia's coast, a really fantastic collection.

Further on there is an incredibly extensive collection of artifacts from various cultures from all over the world - including an extensive collection from the South Pacific, 6000 textiles in the collection (mainly from Asia), Cantonese Opera costumes that are considered some of the world's finest, holdings from the Northwest Coast, Oceania, Africa, and South America, approximately 90,000 photographs covering a wide range of cultures, ethnographic subjects and historical events. The African artifacts were particularly interesting, featuring masks, Yoruba thorn carvings, over 100 Makonde figures from Tanzania, approximately 100 Asante gold weights, weaponry from South Africa and about 100 mortuary objects from Egypt. It was a amazing collection. This place was well worth the visit, and a great way to spent an afternoon away from the rain.

After spending a few hours at the museum we drove back to the hotel. After a shower we headed out for a short drive to a local Indian restaurant Stu had found online. The food was ok, but certainly not up to the standard of Indian food in the UK. Still, we both love Indian food so it was nice to have some for the first time since we were back in Australia. After the meal we just headed back to the hotel once again.

Having watched a little TV while we have been in Canada it seems from the adverts, news etc. that everyone here is getting excited about the Royal wedding. I think we are both already sick of hearing about it, though I imagine the coverage in the UK must be even worse.