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Back In San Francisco

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After just writing this blog once, making the fatal mistake of not saving before trying to email it to Stu, then the internet then failing so I lost the whole blog post - here I go again.

This morning we decided we would take a drive to San Francisco to see the Golden Gate Bridge, as we didn't get to see it close up when here before. Firstly though, we decided to take the motohome to a car wash nearby. We found a great place which only cost us $24 and they cleaned the outside and the front of the inside cab too - absolute bargain.

After this we took a drive to San Leandro. This is where the rental company is located where we need to return our motorhome tomorrow. We decided it might be a good idea to find an RV park here so it will be a short drive to take the motorhome back in the morning.

Once we had secured a site at 'Trailer Haven' (which is certainly no 'haven', as it has no shower block and only a port-a-loo!) we took a drive into San Francisco. We had considered leaving the motorhome at the RV park and getting public transport, as I don't really like driving in the city. However, it was quite a walk to the nearest train station. Plus, we would also need to get a couple of buses once in the city to get to the Golden Gate Bridge. This seemed too much hassle so we decideed to drive. This turned out to be the better option as it wasn't too much hassle to get there.

First we parked up at Alamo Square in the city as Stu wanted to get a picture of the 'Painted Ladies'. I wasn't quite sure what the big attraction was of a row of Victorian houses with skyscrapers in the background, but apparently Stu had read this was a good shot to get. Then we took a drive to Golden Gate.

We drove over the bridge first of all, heading north. Luckily there is a vista point just over the bridge where you can park up and take some photos. It was a great view of the bridge here, very impressive. Then we drove back over the bridge again and headed back to our RV park in San Leandro.

Well, tonight is our last night in the motorhome and the last night of our road trip. It has been such good fun and we have seen some amazing things. We're both really glad we have done it, and in the way that we wanted to do it too.

Tomorrow we return our motorhome, check into our hotel near the airport and then fly to Chicago the following day.