Cape Byron, Byron Bay, Tweed Heads

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Bring On The Byron

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Bring On The Byron

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We decided to make the journey straight up to Byron Bay this morning. Starting off around 9:30am, we arrived in time for lunch. The first stop being the Cape Byron lookout and then further on to the lighthouse. It was a fairly steep drive up towards the lighthouse, but once at the summit it offered us tremendous views out to sea and back towards Byron Bay. This is the most eastern part of the Australian mainland, and while the wind was blowing hard it was still a very hot day and it would have been rude not to have had an ice cream while we were there :)

After leaving the lighthouse we parked up the van near town, and took a walk towards the beach, and around the shops to stock up on provisions. Whilst Byron Bay has plenty of shops, bars, cafes etc., it seems to be the place I would have enjoyed a lot more 10 years ago (am I sounding old?!). The place is definitely a young backpackers dream town. We were happy to have a walk round, find somewhere to check our e-mails, briefly check out the beach, then get back to the van to make some more progress up the coast.

We headed North and decided to stop at a place called Tweed Heads to get settled for the night. Whilst an unplanned stop, it turned out to be a great choice. We got a pitch right by the beach, and as soon as we pulled up there were plenty of birds popping round our van to say hello and wait to be fed. We had a couple of ducks, a couple of unusual doves, a kookaburra and some others we couldn't identify. (Dad - you need to check our pictures against your book and let us know what they are!)

Stu took a visit down to the beach before it got dark for a brief swim in the sea - then it was back to the van for steak and vegetables for dinner.

I have to say that our motorhome has proved to be pretty comfortable. We have a good little cooker, a small bathroom and decent air conditioning. Plus, the bed is fairly big and not cramped as I'd imagined. What more could we want?