Surfers Paradise, Brisbane

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Goodbye NSW, Hello Queensland

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Goodbye NSW, Hello Queensland

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Today we crossed the border into Queensland. Stu had the camera poised for the 'Welcome to Queensland' sign... but we didn't see one... oh well.

First stop was Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. Today was incredibly humid and it seemed to become more so the further North we headed. As expected, Surfers Paradise was full of kids and backpackers. It's a incredible never-ending beach (hence the name). We took a stroll around the town. Some of the apartment blocks are enormous. As great as it must be for surfers I couldn't help but think it's just a much bigger version of Manly. It's a tourist hotspot with plenty of bars, clubs and hang-outs, but not much else that interested us. This is where the Australian youths celebrate 'schoolies week' - a 7 day long sin binge. Luckily we'd arrived after said event. After some wandering around we grabbed some lunch at a cafe and then hit the road again.

We considered a couple of stops on the way - there were a couple of National Parks we could visit which I'd listed on my plan. But we decided to just head all the way up to Brisbane. We can't see every National Park along the way otherwise we'd never make it outside of New South Wales!

Stu has decided that his snazzy camera lens just isn't long enough (!) so we made a quick stop to the camera shop in the city so he could pick up an extender for his zoom lens. He also got a remote shutter - so he can capture those steady night shots and pictures of us both enjoying the trip (yes, he did test to see how far away from the camera he could walk and still get the shutter to work remotely!).

On our way through the city to find the campsite, we soon found out that Brisbane traffic is even worse than Sydney. We were sitting stationary for what seemed like ages. Eventually, we got to the site and settled down with a cool beer or two. Lucky for us, the campsite also has wireless internet, so we're able to update the blog from the comfort of our own motorhome!

We've just been relaxing at the campsite this evening and will head out to explore Brisbane more tomorrow - and possibly stay here another night. It's such a big place it'll probably warrant a little extra time to explore.

A storm has hit us tonight, hopefully it'll clear up a little by tomorrow.

One week down already!