Great Otway NP, Great Ocean Road, Kennet River, Anglesea

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Lots Of Wild Koalas

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Lots Of Wild Koalas

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We continued our drive today along the Great Ocean Road. We drove through many hills covered in temperate rainforest. Lush green on one side and attractive coast on the other made for a really nice drive.

We took the turnoff towards the Cape Otway lighthouse, but they wanted $14.50 AUD each for the privilege to walk the 50 metres to the lighthouse - totally ridiculous! We didn't partake, instead we wandered up to a lookout to view the lighthouse. We didn't want to make the turnoff a complete waste so we grabbed some lunch before heading back to the Great Ocean Road again.

We stopped off at Kennet River for a coffee and found out that it's a great area to spot wild koalas. We had been discussing yesterday how we still hadn't seen them in the wild, and today we finally managed to see them! We saw some sleeping in the eucalypt trees along a side road. They looked really cute and it was great to finally see them outside of the wildlife parks! Further down the road we saw some interesting birds - kookaburras, cockatoos, wood ducks, crimson rosellas and other parrots. They sold bird seed in the cafe so we couldn't resist giving them a big feed. They were happy to eat the seed out of our palms and I really enjoyed feeding them.

We backtracked a little along the Great Ocean Road so that we could stop at some of the lookouts that were difficult to reach from the other side of the road.

A few kilometres from Anglesea we drove through a forested area and noticed a small koala sleeping in one of the trees. We parked up the van and found quite a few others dotted around. Most of them were sleeping although we managed photograph one just waking up, it was amazing. We've travelled over 21,000 kilometres and not seen a single wild koala, and now we see over a dozen within and hour - fantastic!

The coastline has been really amazing and we have really enjoyed the drive today.