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Don't Say A Bad Word Against Ned Kelly

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Don't Say A Bad Word Against Ned Kelly

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The smoke was back in the sky first thing this morning; although it did clear later in the day as it had done yesterday.

We headed back into the city again today and our first port of call was the Old Melbourne Gaol. Built between 1841 and 1862 it houses many interesting exhibits. Each of the cells within the gaol contains information of a prisoner who spent time, and in some cases was hung there too. Along with the information was their death mask - a plaster cast taken of the head after death. The most famous of the inmates who was hanged at this gaol was the notorious bushranger Ned Kelly. The gaol has a large exhibit dedicated to Ned Kelly, which includes the beam and trapdoor where he, like many other inmates, was hanged. The gaol was really interesting, and it was clear that this gaol would have been a very grim place to be. We were informed that our entry ticket also included the opportunity to be treated as if we had been arrested to find out what would have happened to us. It sounded an interesting idea, but we decided against it! It's strange that Ned Kelly is well regarded over here, the shop even sold childrens masks in the shape of his armour!

After the gaol we headed to the Southbank, just across the Yarra River from the city. This had a strip of bars and restaurants so seemed the perfect place to find somewhere for lunch. The place we chose was quite nice and we even stayed for dessert. I chose the chocolate, pistachio and date baklava with vanilla ice-cream which was absolutely delicious!

We walked back across the river and caught the free tram which took us past some of the sights we still hadn't seen yet. We caught a brief sight of the parliament building and also the city harbour side. As time was getting on we decided to head back to the bus stop and get back to the campsite. We had booked another hour in the spam however on arrival we were told that it was closed because some idiot had put bubble bath in the spa, duh!

We've decided to book another night at the campsite again tomorrow. Melbourne seems to have a lot to offer and we think it warrants another day to check out the sights.