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A Resting Day

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A Resting Day

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Sarah and I have decided to take another rest day from touring, writing and photography. Free from the ball and chain for a day!

Lugging all of the camera equipment around for the past few days has taken its toll on my back, and its starting to nag me a little. Hopefully a day off will help us get some much needed rest and recuperation.

However, not content with just sitting idle, I have added two new features to the blog.

First up is the Days Overview. The 'All' link underneath the current day number will take you to a date ordered list of locations and photograph count. Now you can easily find a blog post for a particular location.

Secondly is the Photo Wall. The link sandwiched between the image thumbnails and enlarged image will take you to a huge collage of all the blog photographs. Click any image to discover the title and location of the image. Marvel at my amateur photography and captioning genius! Please note that due to the large number of images the page may take a while to load.

Both these features will open up the browsing experience for the blog and hopefully make your surfing of the information super-highway a lot more enjoyable! :)

Ciao for now.