Clare, Burra, Riverton

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Could You Get Any Closer To Our Van?

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The day started nice and cool, again due to the coastal breeze we were getting in the caravan park. This must be the first time we've not needed the air conditioner at night or in the morning for quite some time. The caravan park we stayed in here proved to be quite a bargain. Not only was it pretty cheap anyway (just $20 AUD), but there was free wireless internet too!

Our drive today took us back up the east coast of the Yorke Peninsula, past the endless fields of wheat once more, and eventually into Clare. This is a small historic town, but with a decent town centre and plenty of shops and cafes. We had to stop for some provisions, so grabbed lunch at one of these cafes first. Clare is also the location of over 30 wineries, so on the drive to and from the town there are plenty of vineyards to be seen in the fields and over the hills.

About 40km past Clare is the old copper mining town of Burra. Between 1845 and 1877 the miners processed 700,000 tonnes of ore to produce 50,000 tonnes of copper. The winding streets are filled with tiny Cornish mining cottages. We drove up to the mine lookout, where you could see the huge pit - now filled with brilliant turquoise water. Over the other side stood the old mine offices and cottages. The old mine was still an impressive sight today.

We then took a drive to various points of interest in the town. It has some nice old buildings, well preserved and many still in use since the copper mining days. We took a look at the old gaol, the town hall and the river running through the town. It seemed to us a very pleasant place, very well preserved with a real sense of history.

We are now heading in the rough direction of Adelaide, so took a drive south after leaving Burra, and found a small and pleasant caravan park in Riverton. It's pretty quiet here, and we found some decent shade in which to park our van. However, even with so many places still empty in the caravan park, a couple of French lads decide to park up their campervan just a metre or so right behind us - practically on our pitch. We did the typical British thing and didn't say anything to them about it, but just moaned about it afterwards amongst ourselves! Thankfully, they haven't been too much of a problem - although one of the guys was clearly listening to something good on his iPod as he was giggling to it for about 2 hours! (There I go again...get over it Sarah!)

The weather was still hot again today and is set to continue until Saturday, although the weather report on the radio advised that Sunday is supposed to be back down to 25 degrees (from about 40 degrees which it's been the last couple of weeks or so). I love the warm weather, but it will be nice to have the temperature back down in the 20's again.