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In The City Again

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In The City Again

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Today we drove down to Adelaide. Before we got into the CBD, we noticed an impressive looking cathedral at the side of the road so decided to stop off, park up the van and take a look. St Peters Cathedral is an impressive building that looks a lot older than it actually is; it was built in the late 1800's. We grabbed some lunch at a cafe nearby then headed back to the Torrens River near where we had parked the van. This is the river which runs right through Adelaide. There were some statues nearby and the Elder Park Rotunda, which looks like a small bandstand, built in 1882.

We got back to the van and decided to take a drive through the city, and towards the coast and up to the LeFevre Peninsula near Port Adelaide. It was clear from our brief drive through the CBD that Adelaide is a fairly large city, certainly a lot bigger than Perth. It also has the added benefit of a free tram service as well as free city buses.

The drive along the coast and up to the peninsula was fairly pleasant. Lots of big and expensive looking houses dotted along the coastal road, and although the beach is fairly undeveloped it does stretch for a long way up the coast.

We decided that it would be a good idea to explore some Adelaide CBD on foot today, but thought securing a campsite pitch would be a good idea to get done first. We found a good campsite along the coast and just out of the centre of the city.

The place where we had parked the van this morning when visiting the cathedral seemed the perfect place to go back to again. The parking was only $1.20 AUD an hour (around 50p) and it was just a short walk from the CBD. From here, we took a walk down one of the main streets in the city, taking in the sights of the University of South Australia, Adelaide University, Art Gallery of South Australia and Parliament House. We also took a stroll through the main shopping district of Rundle Mall. With the weather still warm it seemed a good time to stop at one of the cafes for an iced coffee and cake.

Time was getting on, so we decided to head back to the van and get back to the campsite for some dinner. Once back, we set up the chairs outside as there was a lovely cool breeze once again. It was pleasant being able to sit outside and eat dinner, watching the many rabbits and birds in the campsite jumping around us.