Hello from Sarah and Stu!

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We love to travel, particularly in motorhomes. A motorhome gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace without having to carry a 25kg rucksack from place to place. Even better, when wild camping you can save quite a lot of money that can be better spent elsewhere, wine, food and sightseeing - even helicopter rides!

We have motorhomed around Australia & New Zealand, United States and Europe in various different vehicles and have enjoyed every minute of it. We have been pretty good at keeping atravel diary, in some cases an entry every day for 6 months! Keeping a diary has helped us keep in touch with friends and family whilst on the road and helps us remember what we did.

We kept track of our Europe costs as a resource for other travellers.

We can be reached via mail@toureuropebymotorhome.com.

Sarah with our home in the Dolomites, Italy.

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2013 - 2014

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Our final goodbye to the northern hemisphere before emigrating to Australia. We intend to motorhome around the majority of Western Europe in our new motorhome.


2010 - 2011

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Not all of our world tour was by motorhome. Some of the destinations would have been very difficult to navigate in a motorhome; not impossible, but not for us. We were happy to travel Asia by a combination of flying and overnight trains.


2008 - 2009

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Australia New Zealand

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Our first venture into motorhoming was quite an undertaking. We circumnavigated around the whole of Australia and the majority of New Zealand.



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Our working holiday in Sydney, getting ready for our Antipodean adventure.

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